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Just Keep Moving – Ball Pass Crunches

Hello again, folks! I hope by now you are walking regularly and doing those stretching exercises that I showed you last time around. Now, I can hear you mumbling already …. How does this stretching help my aerobic engine? Well, since you asked, here is the rest of the story! Now that you are all […]

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Recipe courtesy of Donna Hargrove, D.O., Nutrition Editor We have created a tropical spin on a Southern classic. For those that love shrimp and grits, it’s fun to try different variations on the theme.  The jerk shrimp can be prepared in a sauté pan on the stove or on the flat iron over a hot […]

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Pink Slime

What is Pink Slime? It is an ammonia-treated ground beef filler. For those who may have missed this on the national news, please read on regarding ground meat in your grocery store and children’s cafeteria. Are we seeing a trend about what is wrong with our food supply and Big Ag? Read the article at […]

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Donna Hargrove, D.O., Nutrition Editor This recipe was inspired by The Culinary Institute at Greystone in California but has been redesigned to my personal tastes. Most who have tried it believe this to be very addictive. It is excellent and nutritious as a snack straight up or as a dessert/breakfast mixed with yogurt or as […]

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lentil_garbonzo_kamut soup


Recipe courtesy of Donna Hargrove, D.O., Nutrition Editor A very hearty and nutritious soup that freezes well.  Freeze some in one ladle containers for quick lunches. Add a salad and some dark crusty bread for a great dinner.

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Herbed Foccacia with Grilled Vegetables, Portabella and Sun Dried Tomato Dressing

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor Lots of fresh vegetables available at our local organic market plus our own container garden coming in about this time of year here in Florida so tossing them on the grill to cook adds a hint of smoke and, for this nights dinner, provide the basis […]

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Corn, Quinoa, and Roasted Rainbow of Chile Peppers Chowder

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor We cooked a large mother batch of corn, beets, tomatoes, and peppers on the smoker/grill the other night which we found on sale at our local organic grocer. As it was going to be a rather blustery and cooler evening we decide soup and salad might […]

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