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Getting Set for Prep

Article by Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor There are some basic steps, utensils, and other items when one sets up to begin preparing fresh whole foods for a meal in their home kitchen. The goal is to prepare safe nutritious food that tastes good and, when plated, is pleasing to the eye, while getting […]

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A Note from Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor

Our goal at is to provide our readers, patients, and aspiring cooks with sound basic knowledge of the culinary arts. Much of this information currently exists on the web, in books, and on video, as well as fine culinary schools across the nation and world. We are not going to recreate the basics but […]

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Food Safety in the Kitchen

All About Food Safety When Food Goes Bad What conditions bacteria need in order to survive Food Temperature Danger Zone Food Temperature Danger Zone Ground Beef and Food Safety How to handle, prepare and store hamburger and ground beef Chicken & Poultry Safety Tips Preparing and storing chicken and poultry safely Brown Bag Lunches and […]

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Cooking Principles, Stocks & Sauces, and Quick References

Cooking Basics What is Cooking? Getting Food Hot The Basic Cooking Methods How To Cook Anything Dry-Heat Cooking Methods Moist-Heat Cooking Methods

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Food Preparation Safety Basics

There are many reasons to understand safety in the kitchen, especially as it applies to the purchasing, preparation, and storage of food products. The following are some basics. (This article may be updated or added to from time to time, so please  visit occasionally to get new or additional information to help you prepare safe […]

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