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Just Keep Moving – Ball Pass Crunches

Hello again, folks! I hope by now you are walking regularly and doing those stretching exercises that I showed you last time around. Now, I can hear you mumbling already …. How does this stretching help my aerobic engine? Well, since you asked, here is the rest of the story! Now that you are all […]

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Just Keep Moving – Set a Target

Hello again! Since we last visited, I am sure you have been walking for exercise, right?  Good, now I want you to set a target for your exercise. Ideally, this would be an  event . Perhaps a 5 k (3.1 miles) walk to support a cause. That way you will feel good about yourself AND […]

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Just Keep Moving

Good day, everyone! I feel honored to have been asked to post a few words about exercise on the Nutrition Health Net website. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a sixty-three year old, Caucasian male who has misbehaved a lot in my life time and I have the […]

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Article courtesy of Diana Palmer, BS, CPT Here come the holidays, time of celebration and cheer.  With parties and jubilation come the pitfalls of diet and exercise sabotage.  So how can you celebrate and be cheerful without looking like Santa.  Try these helpful hints:

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Fidget for Your Health!

Remember being somewhere and having a parent or relative tell you to “stop fidgeting” and sit still, you’re driving me crazy! Unintentionally they may have set in motion a behavior, sitting still, that may be seen as “good manners” but in fact may contribute to heart and respiratory morbidity and thus a threat to our […]

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Shopping is exercise?

Yes, going to the grocery store to get your whole nutritious foods or to the mall can also be used as an opportunity to move more and as a result burn off additional calories. Here are a couple of strategies that you may not currently be employing. The goal will be to increase the number […]

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20 Exercise Tips

The following article is courtesy of the Harvard School of Public Health – The Nutrition Source Try these ideas for fitting more activity into your day—and for getting more out of your daily activities. 1. Choose activities you like. A lot of different things count as exercise: dancing, walking, gardening, yoga, cycling, playing basketball. To […]

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