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One Pan Fresh Chicken Tacos with Smokey Tomatoes and Chiles

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor When we are in the mood for a smoky, spicy taco, this is one of our favorites. To do so we need 1 chicken breast and some previously smoked tomatoes and chiles from a mother batch made earlier in the week. Rather than buy chicken breasts […]

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Savory Seafood Stew

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor The following recipe uses little neck clams. When using fresh clams one of the keys to delicious clams other than not over cooking the little bivalves is to be sure that they are free of grit, sand, etc. An effective way is to place them into […]

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Recipe sent in to NutritionHealthNet courtesy of Chuck Barilla – Culinary Contributor Equipment: Large stock pot, chef’s knife, cutting board, food processor

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Article courtesy of Donna Hargrove, D.O., Nutrition Editor Tomatoes, Lycopersicon esculentum, are a member of the nightshade family, a diverse group of over 2,800 species of plants which also includes potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, tobacco and morning glory, to name a few. For a long time, tomatoes were not eaten due to the […]

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Roasted Summer Vegetables with Pork Rice and Chutney

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor We’ve discussed the idea of constructing plates of food following the Mediterranean style of proportion, 50 % vegetables, 25 % grains, rice or fruit, and 25% protein. The following dish is a pretty good example of such a construct using seasonal vegetables, rice, and pork left […]

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