Links to Video Sources for GMO Information

The links below provide information in either a video format or text that may help our readers become more aware of the pervasive nature of GMO food products now in our food sources and grocery stores. You can be the judge of whether or not our government agencies (FDA and others) are seriously examining the safety of these foods for public consumption and if you think that our government agencies have us, the consumer’s, best interests at heart.

Some of the links may lead only to a trailer for the actual video, i.e. YouTube excerpts, but you can use a search engine to find the relevant sites to find out how to get the entire documentary or find out if it is playing near you. Some links are to the video source web site and others are to published text.

You may not have even heard the term GMO. There is a reason for that in so far as media is concerned. You will figure it out if you watch the documentaries below.

I’ll warn you, however, that the content of some of the documentaries are graphic and may be upsetting to some.

For a more comprehensive overview of GMO’s use the following link to The Institute for Responsible Technology.

Chef B.K. Ankrum – Culinary Editor

Health effects GMO’s –

The Future of Food –

Aspartame –

The Silent Forrest –

The World according to Monsanto –

The Corporation –

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