Anaerobic exercise

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Are there two types of exercise?




If you can talk while exercising then you are doing aerobic exercise. If you are short of breath or stressed, you are doing anaerobic exercise.


What is anaerobic exercise?


Anaerobic exercise includes “rigorous” exercise such as lifting or lifting heavy with minimal reps. The only problem with this type of exercise is that most men do it.


As a result, they look “torn” from the outside, but they are not very healthy inside.

Health and fitness are two separate things. Getting up from your chair and walking three miles a day is not the healthiest activity you can do or lose weight for an hour after work unless you are also doing aerobic exercise.


When you only participate in anaerobic exercise, your body is relaxed and at work. You often burn too much sugar and put extra pressure on your heart and other vital organs. Many people think that they are shaped because of their appearance, but acting incorrectly is detrimental to your body.


Anaerobic exercise can cause many health problems associated with your neck and waist, tendon, ligaments, joints and muscles. Anaerobic exercise is good for you only when your body is healthy enough for it.


What is aerobic exercise?


The word aerobic means in the presence of oxygen. Aerobic exercise burns fat instead of sugar. You can lift heavy weights all day and build heavy muscles, but if you want to be lean, healthy and fit, you should try:


* Walk

* Jogging

* Bike

* Light weight lifting with lots of toning


Aerobic Exercise Your body is healthier than anaerobic exercise, and for heavy exercise, your body should always be preceded by anaerobic exercise in order to “warm up” your body. This will reduce the chance of injury and ensure that your body is ready for heavy pressure.

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